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BMW ACA Portland  --  HPDE FAQs

What do I need?
A car and a helmet are all you need to have a ton of fun.
Be 18 or older and hold a valid full driver’s license.
This is not a competitive event, it’s meant to be educational in the dynamics of driving at speed in a safe and controlled manner.

Do I need a Helmet?
Yes, We accept Snell rated helmets with SA or M ratings with a rating date of 2015 or 2010. So helmets that have one of the following stickers inside the liner are acceptable: SA2015, SA2010, M2015, M2010.

Does my car need a Tech Inspection before the event?
No, we’ll do a basic tech inspection at the track before the event starts. Tech inspections usually begin around 7:15 and run until the Drivers meeting or all cars are through the line. Tech is done by the wonderful guys at AR Auto Service in Lake Oswego.

That being said, you should know that your car is in good mechanical condition, you should have a good amount of brake pad left, you will want to make sure you have decent tread depth left, especially if there is a chance of rain.

How is the day structured?
When you arrive you’ll get a tech sheet at the front gate. Then pick a pit spot and unload your car, before getting in the Tech line. After Tech go to registration to turn in your tech sheet and get a group and car number sticker. There will be a drivers meeting about 8:15, instructor/student pairings will be announced at the meeting. Then we will start cycling through the run groups of Advance, Intermediate, Novice and Instructor. See the event schedule for the exact order and times.  After the Drivers meeting there is a ground school for all Novice students before their first on track session.

What should I bring?
Your car will need to be cleaned out, nothing loose should be left in the car. Nothing in the door pockets or under the seat. If you haven’t cleaned out your car before the event, you might want to consider a storage bin to hold all of your stuff. You’ll likely want to bring a tire gauge, a torque wrench if you own one. Some other things that you are likely to want or need are Sunscreen, hat, rain gear, chair, a lunch if you don’t want to run out during the lunch hour for fast food, cooler, drinks. Club usually has water available, as we want you to drink lots of water throughout the day.

Official policy is no refunds, however we are willing to transfer a registration to a later event in the same calendar year.

Am I allowed to take passengers for a ride?
We do allow passengers in the Intermediate or Advanced run groups, sorry no passengers in the novice group except an instructor.

Are spectators allowed?
Yes spectators are welcome, all that is required is that you sign the liability waiver when you enter the facility.

When should I arrive?
Gates open at 7am, you want to arrive early enough to get through the tech line before the drivers meeting at 8:15am.

I’m a beginner, will I have an Instructor?
Yes, all Novices students will be paired with an instructor for the day. Students in the Intermediate group can request an instructor is they so desire.

How much track time will I get?
In general there are 4 sessions of 20 minutes each spread throughout the day.

Is Passing allowed?
Yes, passing is allowed in designated area only. Passing rules are graduated, i.e. there are more passing zones as you move up the groups.

How do I sign up?
Registration is done through MotorsportReg.com, our club landing page which will list all the events for the year is at: portlandbmwclub.MotorsportReg.com

If something happens will my insurance cover it?

Be aware of the limitations of your auto insurance coverage at HPDEs. Recent changes to automobile policies have limited coverage while at a driving school – check your own policy for your coverage limits.  While damage to your car at your first driving event is rare, it can happen. Consult your insurance agent or carrier if in doubt.  You can purchase HPDE specific insurance, it’s available from Lockton Affinity, or see the links on MotorsportReg.com.